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Beautiful Smile with Straight Teeth


I decided at age 60 that I wanted to get my crooked teeth straightened. I had investigated this possibility with another orthodontist 20 years earlier but was very unhappy when he said that I would need to have four teeth pulled before braces could be put in place. To be honest, this was my main reason for choosing Dr. Thomas as my orthodontist. He told me up front that although my mouth was small, he really believed that he could straighten my teeth without having to pull a single tooth. I was excited about this option and immediately chose to get braces. All of a sudden my life and the way I ate changed drastically. But with each office visit, Dr. Thomas made me aware of my progress each step of the way. In addition, I was attended to by his caring and very knowledgeable assistants as they fitted me with my initial braces, attached wires and brackets as needed, provided me with an ample supply of wax for my tender areas, and consulted with each other or Dr. Thomas as problems and concerns arose. And let’s not forget the friendly front office staff that greeted me with each visit, kept up with scheduling my appointments and making payments on time, and worked me in if an emergency arose. The entire staff worked together effortlessly to make me feel quite comfortable and at ease during the complete process.

On the day that I had my braces removed, I was not quite sure what the final result would be. It’s hard to imagine a beautiful smile with straight teeth underneath all that metal. But when the hardware was removed and I was sent to brush my teeth, I was amazed when I looked into the mirror. There was the smile I had envisioned. And I have Dr. Thomas and his staff to thank for that smile!

Now I can’t say that my braces were easy and painless, but the constant support of Dr. Thomas and his staff made getting my teeth straightened definitely worthwhile. I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Thomas and his staff at National Orthodontics to all my friends and family.


Sherry Nix